Vietnam is a truly exciting travel destination for any traveller. This is a country with a vibrant street life, exquisite food and epic scenery straight out of an Instagram post. Vietnam has a culture with traditional values but also a modern vibe that comes from the younger generation. They are keen to embrace the 12st century but also to preserve their centuries old traditions. In the cities, ancient pagodas huddle around the corners of chic rooftop bars; and in the countryside life still follows the rhythm of the rivers and the rice harvest.

If you're looking for culture, the central cities of Hue and Hoi An are hidden gems, as is Hanoi, the country's elegant capital. Hanoi is a city of lakes, brimming with historical and cultural treasures. Da Nang is a coastal metropolis on a fast track to becoming a hub for technology and tourism. Ho Chi Minh City is home to uber-cool rooftop bars, trendy co-working spaces, and colonial-chic cafes. Don’t forget to hop on a scooter at least once to truly feel the pulse of urban Vietnam. Outside of the cities, many elements of Vietnamese culture can be traced back to the rice farming cycles. Travelling in Vietnam you will get to experience the contrast between old and new.

When in Vietnam you will also get to appreciate its diverse natural beauty. The capital Hanoi is your gateway to the treasures of the north: spectacular mountains and bays strewn with natural monolithic towers. In the heart of up-and-coming Danang, you have easy access to photogenic riverside towns, national parks and long sandy beaches. To the south, the city of Ho Chi Minh will seduce you with its hustle and bustle (just look out for those motorbikes). Nearby the mighty Mekong Delta awaits exploration. Explore the vast maze of rivers, swamps and islands, home to floating markets, Khmer pagodas and villages surrounded by rice paddies. Boats are the main means of transportation here and a great way to experience local life.


Responsible Travel in Vietnam

Small Group Escorted Tours and Tailormade Holidays

Explore Vietnam by train and boat on the 'Best of Vietnam' tour. From the north to the south we travel by train and boat to explore the country and meet the people.

The Vietnam Off the Beaten Track Tour takes you to areas of outstanding natural beauty and to regions where mainstream tourism is yet to make an impact.

Group and Tailormade Vietnam Tours

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Our local partners in Vietnam are passionate travellers with over 30 years of combined operational excellence. They have created numerous innovative and authentic travel experiences that are meaningful, impactful and sometimes, life changing. They are in the business of creating impactful experiences and enduring memories.

Our partners are your local friend as well as our partner and we love that they aspire to be more than just a travel business, but a catalyst for better outcomes for their country and people.

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If there's one feature anyone visiting Vietnam comments on once returned from the trip, it is the food. One thing that unites Vietnamese food, it’s freshness. The Vietnamese love their food, and all throughout the country, markets are bursting with the abundance of sea and soil. With vendors up at the break of dawn to picking the fresh herbs, plump vegetables and colourful fruits, a Vietnamese market is an experience not to be missed. Join in a guided walk of a market with a local chef and learn how to cook some of Vietnams most popular dishes. Learn some of the skills needed to blend the ingredients in to a delightful meal full of fresh textures and flavours. Simply put, it’s one of the world’s healthiest and most mouth-watering cuisines.

For many travellers, the real reason for exploring is experiencing local life and for many, the real Vietnam is to be found in the north. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty and an area where mainstream tourism is yet to make an impact. Travelling here is a raw experience and we must be respectful and travel in a truly ethical way. This is a region where traditions hold strong. For any traveller wishing to explore this part of Vietnam, the opportunity to interact with traditional hill tribes, whose way of life hasn’t changed for centuries, makes the journey worth the effort.


Ethical Vietnam tours

Here are our five ideas for sustainable holidays and responsible travel in Vietnam.

Support ethical tours - All across Vietnam you’ll find responsible tour providers who offer interesting experiences for travellers. Many also give back to the community by creating income for locals.

Book a homestay – Homestays provide close-up encounters with local culture. Vietnamese homestay hosts are incredibly generous and will happily organise unforgettable tours and workshops for you.

Buy sustainable souvenirs - Vietnam will give you many chances to buy beautiful goods that also support local artisans and craftsmen. Lacquerware, ceramics, and textiles are excellent take-home mementos.

Help preserve culture - Did you know Vietnam has hundreds of craft villages? Touring these traditional craft villages is a great way to see Vietnam’s countryside and to contribute to the preservation of culture.

Visit lesser-known locations - Vietnam has many islands, frontier towns and nature reserves that are relatively unknown but worth seeing. Going to new destinations reduces pressure on high-profile attractions.

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