Portugal is only a small country and is probably best known to travellers for its beaches and golf. However, once you get away from the stereo typical beach and bar holiday resorts, there is a wonderful variety landscapes, history, culture, and wildlife to discover.

From the towering mountains to vast plains, from the wide sandy beaches with their gently rolling waves to the jagged coastline battered by rough seas, the country has a little of everything.

Self Guided Walking Tours in Portugal

For walkers and hikers, Portugal is the ideal holiday destination.

There is the world-famous ancient pilgrim trail of the Camino de Santiago from Porto to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  Our local travel experts in Portugal can arrange anything from half day hiking tours in the wild, unspoilt beauty of the Peneda-Gerês National Park to one-week self-guided walking tours that allow you to experience mountain scenery, traditional villages, the gorgeous Atlantic coast, and the UNESCO World Heritage landscape of the Douro Valley. There really is something for everyone here.

For cyclists, the pleasant climate combined with sun that shines throughout the year, means that Portugal offers great conditions to explore by bike. Along the coast, in Portugal’s natural parks and forests, and in towns, there are many signed cycle routes, as well as service areas and specific stores for cyclists.

Family Adventure Holidays in Portugal

For a family adventure holiday, Portugal is perfect. With its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality, it offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable family adventure holiday. Whether you're exploring the charming cobblestone streets of Lisbon or delving into the ancient history of Porto, Portugal caters to the interests of all family members.

Start your adventure with the mesmerizing coastline, where golden beaches and azure waters invite you to indulge in thrilling water sports such as surfing, snorkelling, and kayaking. The Algarve region, in particular, is renowned for its family-friendly beaches and welcoming atmosphere. For nature enthusiasts, the Azores archipelago presents an otherworldly experience with its volcanic landscapes, lush greenery, and abundant wildlife. Embark on hiking trails through verdant hills, discover breathtaking waterfalls, and spot whales and dolphins on exhilarating boat tours.

Inland, the picturesque Douro Valley offers a scenic escape, where families can cycle through vineyards, take boat trips along the Douro River, and sample Portugal's finest wines and culinary delights. History comes alive in the medieval towns of Obidos and Sintra, where castles, palaces, and fortresses unveil enchanting tales of the past. Engage in treasure hunts or historical re-enactments that will captivate the imaginations of young and old alike. As day turns to night, savour delightful family dinners, relishing in Portugal's famous seafood and delectable pastries. Let traditional Fado music serenade you, providing an opportunity for cultural immersion.

A family adventure holiday in Portugal is an exquisite blend of excitement, relaxation, and bonding moments, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Our Walking Tours in Portugal

Small Group Escorted Tours and Tailormade Holidays

A one week family adventure holiday in Leiria, Portugal. Enjoy surfing lessons, yoga, horse riding and much more. All tailored to your families favourite activities.

Walk the Portuguese Camino de Santiago on the 8 day self-guided tour and get the Authentic Pilgrim Experience.

Explore the Douro Wine Region on this 1 week self-guided walking tour through astonishingly beautiful World Heritage landscape and picturesque traditional villages.

Group and Tailormade Portugal Holidays

Our Local Travel Experts in Portugal

Our Local Travel Experts Portugal Our local travel expert in Portugal was established in 2012 to allow visitors to explore the countryside and Portuguese heritage through slow, responsible travel. They offer walking and cycling tours that show off hidden treasures and provide an immersive cultural and educational experience. Based in the picturesque town of Ponte de Lima, 80km north of Porto, and surrounded by stunning mountains, rivers, coastline as well as traditional towns and villages, they are specialists Northern Portugal.

They allow travellers to get truly off the beaten track with hands-on, authentic experiences. Destinations include the UNESCO Douro wine region and Côa Valley, Peneda-Gerês National Park and the Portuguese Camino de Santiago pilgrim route.

Using their extensive local knowledge and a wide network of contacts, tours are designed around genuine contact with local people and to benefit communities as well as protecting the environment. Great care is taken of the logistics, including 24-hour emergency support, detailed route information, accommodation and luggage transfers, leaving clients free to enjoy the experience and leave their cares behind.

Walking Tours in Portugal

A popular region for cycling in Portugal is the Lima Valley, with its unique identity, history and beauty.

Cycling in here is the perfect way to explore as you encounter the warm-hearted people and enjoy the fabulous food and wine. With the help of our local travel experts, we can organise trips whether you cycle alone, with friends or family, or you wish to join one of our organised small group tours. Enjoy getting an authentic travel experience. Discover the handicrafts, music and dancing, gastronomy, religious festivals and numerous creative and recreational activities to be found in this region.

In the middle of the Atlantic lies a small part of Portugal. These are the Azores, an archipelago of nine islands. The islands are characterized by dramatic landscapes, fishing villages, green pastures and hedgerows of blue hydrangeas.

For any eco-tourist, the Azores is a very special place. It has one of the largest whale sanctuaries in the world with a range of resident and migratory species. There are more than 24 different types of cetaceans in the waters ,many of which you may be lucky enough to encounter on a whale watching trip.

Group Travel to Portugal

It is not just the Azores that are leading the way in sustainable tourism in Portugal.

There are 12 areas classified as Biosphere Reserves where the conservation of biological and cultural diversity is reconciled with economic and social development. The aim is to maintain the balance between people and nature. These 12 natural spaces are part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves and their main objective is the conservation of landscapes, ecosystems and species, as well as development in a sustainable manner at social, economic, cultural and ecological level.

Whatever type of holiday you are looking for in Portugal, our local travel experts can help. From an active family holiday, cycling, walking or just relaxing and enjoying the fabulous food and wine, just contact us here at Our Local Tour.
Mrs. L Rosedean
The group walking holiday in Portugal was excellent. With just 8 of us in the group we soon bonded and are now good friends.