Greece, situated in the Southeast Europe, is a beautiful country rich in history, culture, and natural wonders.  It is popularly considered to be the birthplace of democracy, Western civilization, Western literature, and Western philosophy. It is a wonderful place to explore on one of our group holidays to Greece. Eighty percent of Greece is covered with mountains and hills, making it one of the most interesting but underrated destinations for hikers in Europe. Its climate is Mediterranean, which is mild and wet in winter and hot and dry in summer. However, it is not unusual to have snow in the winter months, especially in the mainland regions. Greece has a large number of islands with Crete being the largest island among the 227 inhabited Greek islands.

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Greece is a well-developed country and a member of the European Union. It has a high standard of living, having a high ranking in the Human Development Index. Its economy is  85% service sector, which makes it an attractive destination for travellers that desire to be spoilt with great customer service. Tourism is a great economic activity in Greece and the good news is that its touristic industry is well developed and modernized to welcome millions of tourists from every corner of the world. That said, there are still plenty of undiscovered places to discover and to get a authentic Greek experience. On a group trip to Greece you have the opportinity to learn from a loal an experience how the real Greeks live. Keep away from the main tourist strips and discover the authentic Greece.

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Small Group Escorted Tours and Tailormade Holidays

A 10 day escorted small group tour of Greece. With this epic journey you discover classical Greece, exploring the legendary Peloponnese, with the glorious cities of Macedonia where Alexander the Great lived.

Join this small group tour of Hidden Greece. This tour covers the highlights of Athens before going off the beaten track to discover Evia and Skyros Island.

Tailormade Greek holidays and tours of Greece designed by local travel experts just for you. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Historical Greece with Santorini Tour. From Athens we explore the ancient Greek myths and legends entwined with historical fact. We will end this indepth and authentic tour on the world famous island of Santorini.

Join our 10 day Discover the Peloponnese Tour as we explore Greek history and culture both ancient and modern.

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Our Local Travel Experts in Greece

Local Greek Travel Experts

Our local partner in Greece started as a friendly, family run business in Thessaloniki nearly 50 years ago. Their ethos remains to always deliver a personal service with a can-do attitude. Their aim is to take their visitors beyond mass tourism and to uncover the hidden delights of visiting this beautiful country. They offer journeys that get ‘under the skin’ of the destination, connecting clients with local people so that they can truly experience Greek culture.

In their words: “We are always here to remind that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination”. Passionate about travelling and discovering small unspoiled Greek islands, they develop creative itineraries and are dedicated to providing the best possible service for their clients.


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When exploring Greece on one off our escorted tours, the history and culture of the ancient Greeks is always present. Greek architecture is renowned for its combination of the Ancient Greek, white-coloured houses and modern edifices and palatial buildings. The most famous of the Greek buildings include the Parthenon, a former temple on the Athenian Acropolis and the stunning white washed house on the island of Santorini.

The Greek theatres are one of the best in the world; people admire the National Theatre of Greece and the Nobile Teatro di San Giacomo di Corfu, which happens to be the first modern theatre and Opera House in Greece.

Greek Cuisine, delicious and Mediterranean, mixes fresh ingredients with local produce. Well-known Greek dishes include moussaka, spanakopita, Greek salad and pastitsio. Every locality will have its own speciality and it is always worth trying. A number of sweet desserts can be found in Greek diet, and they include galaktoboureko, melamakarona, and diples. You will certainly get the chance to try these and much more on our small group travel in Greece.

Greece has a vibrant nightlife and is perfect for romantic night outs. In big cities such as Athens, Paros, Mykonos, Heraklion, Los, Rhodes, and Zante, nightlife is an integral aspect of the local culture. People eat in taverns and restaurants and enjoy drinks in bars and clubs that stay open late at night.

Families are our strolling along promenades and enjoying the cool evening air. As well as traditional Greek music, each bar and club, will have different kinds of music like Jazz, Greek pop, Latin, and others.

Escorted Holidays to Greece

When looking for the best small group tours of Greece, you should be looking for local advice and knowledge. If you have never been before, then you are in for a treat. Greek beaches are mostly clean with beautiful sandy beaches and the occasional pebble beach. Its turquoise waters are calm and attractive, perfect for long, lazy holidays. For diving or snorkelling, an escorted tour in Greece is the perfect introduction to sub aqua activities. There are many accredited dive schools on the mainland and on the main tourist islands.

It is possible to party all day by the beachside with many local taverns, with sunbeds, umbrellas, and beach bars. The Greek people are incredibly hospitable, and they are rightly known for making visitors to their country feel highly welcomed.This is naturally built into their lifestyle as they are known to exchange gifts and pleasantries on normal days as well as on ceremonious moments.

All escorted holidays to Greece offer something for everyone. From the mass market package holidays to traditional arts, crafts and ways of living. Our Local Tour and our local partner strive to give you the authentic Greek experience.