We carefully select all the local tour suppliers that will provide your services, so we're sure you'll have a great time. In fact, we're so sure of it that we put our money where our mouth is! At Our Local Tour, this is known as the ‘Travel Smile Promise’. This is a customer satisfaction policy based on trust, honesty, and common sense rather than a tonne of intricate terms and conditions.

Our lawyers, being lawyers, do insist that we have specific terms and conditions despite the Travel Smile Promise and, if you really want a look through, they are here -

What is the Travel Smile Promise?

Have you have ever bought a quality piece of clothing? Then you will know that it comes with a warranty. If a zip breaks or there is poor stitching, the company would either patch it or send you a new one, no questions asked. Although travel is not quite so straightforward, we strive to adopt the same mindset when providing our ‘Travel Smile Promise’. 

Here's how it works: First, if you have an issue while you are on your tour, get in touch with our local travel partner. Explain to them the issues and why you feel unsatisfied with the experience or service you are receiving. It is important that you point out the problem and give them a chance to fix the situation while you are still away. Without having done that, it’s much harder to put things right, and it will be taken into consideration when assessing the case.

In 99% of cases, speaking to the local travel partner will solve the issue. In the unlikely event that you have spoken to them and they cannot solve your issues, then contact us at Our Local Tour. We'll get all the information we need from you, then speak with the local travel partner to confirm the issues and figure out what has gone wrong. 

If your trip has in fact obviously gone wrong or it was not as advertised, and the issue was within either our or the host's control, we will negotiate a refund with you that is proportionate to the severity of the issue.

We and our local tour operators pride ourselves on the happiness of our customers, and the ‘Travel Smile Promise’ is designed to hold us accountable to that. If in the very small chance that you need to make a claim, simply fIll in Our Contact Us Form and we’ll be right on the case.