Our Local Tour is a specialist travel company that offers personalised, authentic experiences for travellers seeking to immerse themselves in local cultures. With a passion for exploring the world and sharing unique experiences, our team of travel experts take great pride in providing exceptional service to our clients.

At Our Local Tour, we believe that travel should be more than just sightseeing. It should be about experiencing the local way of life, connecting with the people, and discovering the hidden gems that make each destination unique. Our tours and holidays are carefully crafted to offer a balance of cultural immersion, historical education, and relaxation, ensuring that our clients have an unforgettable journey.

Our team of knowledgeable guides is passionate about sharing their love for their home and showing visitors what makes each destination so special. With years of experience and a wealth of local knowledge, our guides provide insightful commentary and insider tips to enhance the travel experience.

As a leader in sustainable travel, we strive to minimize our environmental impact while supporting local communities. We partner with local businesses and organisations to promote responsible tourism practices and give back to the places we visit. By traveling with us, our clients can feel good about making a positive impact on the areas that they visit.

All of us here at Our Local Tour believe that travel is a transformative experience that can change lives. We are dedicated to creating meaningful and memorable journeys that inspire our clients to see the world in a new light.

Join us on a journey of discovery and adventure and let us show you the magic of local travel.

Our Style of Travel

As a niche travel operator, we’re able to offer a highly personalised service to our travellers, whether through our small group tours or with a special tailormade tour. In addition, as a responsible travel business, we are committed to being there for our travellers as well as the communities we visit.

Our Local Tour offer three styles of travel for you.

Tailor-made holidays are tailored to your specific dates and preferences, so if, for example, you are not so keen on handicraft markets or there is a place you have already been, then this can simply be removed from your holiday. You can also decide on the standard of accommodation you want for the trip, or choose to mix and match – so for instance you might have tourist-class hotels throughout your trip and then you may want to treat yourself to a high-end hotel to end the holiday in style. If you don’t quite know what you’d like to include and would like to discuss your plans in depth, then just give us a call or send us a message. There’s nothing we like better than working with our travellers and chatting about ideas and planning the perfect itinerary.

Small group tours operate with select departure dates, a set itinerary and a maximum group size, usually of just twelve people. These are tour packages that have been designed for travellers who like to take advantage of trips that are prearranged, prepaid and include almost everything from a knowledgeable guide and transportation to accommodation, certain meals and admission fees to attractions along the way. If you want the security and the expertise of a local tour leader and you like travelling with a group of like-minded people, then a group tour is perfect. They are also great if you are travelling alone or visiting the region for the first time. It’s a convenient, affordable and fun way to see more of the world!

Private Escorted Tours are itineraries based on our group tours but just for you! The itinerary is identical, and in many cases you will have your own local guide, an expert in their home country. For large families or groups of friends, this is a great way to save on costs while also getting an independent holiday on a date which suits you.

If you have any questions, then take a look at our frequently asked questions. Alternatively, give us a call or send us a message.