Sailing Holiday – Ideal for a Family Break

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Sailing Holiday

A sailing holiday is one of the most popular activity holidays. Sail in crystal blue seas. Stop at little coves with nobody but you on the beach. It sounds idyllic and it really is.

Surprisingly, this type of holiday is not out of reach with a normal budget. Hiring a boat to sail around the Greek islands is not exclusive to millionaires. There are many small businesses that have been setup to meet the demand for adventurous holidaymakers. At Our Local Tour we know the best.

You do not even have to have any sailing qualifications. Local sailing operators can provide you with an experienced crew to help you learn the ropes as you sail.

There are plenty of options for the novice sailor. The most popular sailing holiday is the flotilla style. Many of these holidays are designed for the complete beginner and you can learn new skills in a fun and relaxed way.

Some sailing companies will also include accreditation with your holiday so that you come back with a new qualification. With an experienced skipper on board, learning the basics of sailing becomes a fun hands on part of the holiday.

You travel together in a group of sometimes 10-12 yachts, guided by a lead boat. The flotilla lead has a Skipper and often an engineer and hostess on board. It is the fun of the sailing holiday with novice sailor stress removed!

The more experienced sailor

For the more experienced sailor, there are also plenty of exciting options. You can chart your own yacht and set off in to the sunset.

Known as bareboat charter, this is the most flexible option and gives you complete freedom to explore.  You can also hire a skipper, a chef and follow a fixed route. This is a sailing holiday that you control.

A skippered sailing holiday combines the freedom of the bareboat charter with the easy of the flotilla holidays. You can charter your yacht and include the skipper when you want.

This means you can have a skipper onboard to start the holiday, but after a few days as you grow in confidence, you take over and sail. There is the option to have a skipper for the full charter also.

Where to take a sailing holiday?

Put simply, you can take a sailing holiday anywhere that you can sail. The most popular destinations are in the Mediterranean, with Greece, Turkey, the Balearic Islands and Croatia all being in demand. With most of these destinations served by low cost airlines and a plentiful supply of yachts, prices are very competitive.

Local charter operators will know the best routes, special places to anchor and the best restaurants for the evening if in harbour.

For a more exotic sailing holiday, you can head to Thailand and Andaman Sea. Here you can sail in the beautiful waters and explore the islands off the Thai coast.  You will also find world-class diving and snorkelling, excellent sport fishing and unspoilt beaches.

The welcome in Thailand is always a good one and the food excellent.

A worldwide sailing destination, the Caribbean has plenty of great sailing available. With many Caribbean islands having multiple sailing holiday operators, there is plenty of choice. Sail in the British Virgin Islands or Martinique and anchor off your own white sandy beach.

It won’t be a dream as you dive into warm turquoise seas to snorkel among the rainbow colours of a coral reef. Finish the day with a rum punch on the deck of your yacht. The Caribbean islands have a sophistication that few other places in the world can match.

Who takes a sailing holiday?

There are options for all when it comes to sailing holidays. If you are young you may want to look at the options to join a crew. A working holiday on a yacht sailing the Greek islands is a great addition to your CV.

For families, the time spent on board, working together to sail a ship is a fantastic way to for a family bond. Don’t worry too much about the routes and technicalities of sailing. Take a flotilla holiday or a skippered charter and the stress is taken away, allowing you to enjoy the time with your family.

If you are travelling solo or as a couple, there are many options depending on your confidence and experience. All of the above can be suitable and sailing holidays are a great way to meet new people and make lifelong friends.

As for experienced sailors, the world is truly your oyster. Bareboat charters allow you to sail the world, with a freedom that few other types of holiday offer. The challenges can be as tough as you wish, with options to join crews all over the world.

Sail in some of the most remote and demanding destinations possible from the Arctic to the South Pacific.

Whatever your interest in sailing holidays, Our Local Tour will have a local travel partner who can help you in putting together the dream holiday.