Heritage Tourism in Ghana

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Heritage Tourism in Ghana

Heritage Tourism in Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful country located in West Africa. It is well known for its rich culture and heritage, which makes Ghana a popular tourist destination for people who want to explore their African roots and ancestry.

This blog post will guide you to Ghana‘s different types of heritage tourism activities. Keep reading!

A Little Bit About Ghana

Ghana is a former British colony in Africa that gained independence in 1957. It is home to more than twenty-five million people, who are mostly of African descent. The country has beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests and savannahs, and historical monuments such as the Asantehene Palace, Elmina Castle, and Kumasi Fort.

Located in West Africa, Ghana is a spectacular African nation that offers captivating tourist sites. Moreover, the country has become notable for its strong commitment to democracy and steady development over the years – making it one of the most progressive countries on the continent!

Ghana is widely known for its tranquillity and enthusiastic citizens, making this beautiful country an ideal destination for tourists looking to explore. From the sun-soaked beaches and vibrant urban settings to the amicable locals and effortless travel options, Ghana presents a beautiful atmosphere that can be enjoyed easily.

Tourism in Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful country full of culture, history, ecology and recreational activities to explore. The Ministry of Tourism in Ghana governs the tourism industry and works diligently to further develop its offerings for visitors. Tourists can indulge in an array of experiences that will create memories they won’t forget!

Ghana has a diverse range of cultural heritage sites, including castles and forts left by the British and Dutch settlers. Tourists can explore these historical places to learn about the country’s history, culture, and people.

In addition to historical monuments, Ghana is home to beautiful natural attractions such as Mole National Park – a sanctuary for African wildlife. Tourists can also participate in traditional cultural activities such as drumming, dancing, and cooking.

For those looking to explore their African ancestry, Ghana has numerous museums dedicated to this purpose. You can visit the National Museum of Slavery or the Centre for African Culture and Research, where you can learn about how people of African descent have been affected by history.

What About The Heritage Tourism?

First of all, let’s understand what heritage tourism is. Simply, it’s visiting a place to explore its culture, history and traditions. It’s an exciting way to get to know more about the local people and their customs – as well as gain an appreciation for the country’s past.

Ghana has a rich cultural heritage that dates back centuries. Tourists can visit traditional villages around the country to experience the local way of life and explore historical sites to learn more about the country’s past.

Heritage tourism in Ghana is a growing industry that is helping to preserve the country’s culture, history and traditions. Tourists can take part in cultural tours and excursions to learn more about the traditional customs of the people here.

The Pan-African Historical Festival (PANAFEST) leads the way for heritage tourism in Ghana, a cultural event that radiates African development and spreads awareness of Pan-Africanism. Taking place predominantly within Elmina and Cape Coast–both formerly holding significantly large slave trading posts—the festival commemorates Emancipation Day with spectacular vibrant celebrations around both cities.

What Activities Can You For Heritage Tourism In Ghana?

Regarding heritage tourism in Ghana, you can do more than visit historical sites and learn about the country’s past. There are a variety of activities available to those who want to explore this beautiful nation.

If you’re looking to experience the vibrant heritage and culture of Ghana, there are numerous first-rate tourism agencies in Ghana that will make your visit unforgettable. With them, you’ll get to participate in breath-taking annual festivals such as Chale Wote – a colourful celebration featuring art performances from local artists. As you embark on this journey with one of these reputable tour operators, be prepared for an immersive adventure into authentic Ghanaian life! 

Festivals To Attend

Many heritage festivals in Ghana celebrate the country’s culture and traditions. Let’s see some of the famous festivals: 

The Homowo Festival

Homowo is a harvest festival celebrated by the Ga people in the capital city of Accra. This festival honours the ancestors in the Ga language, with traditional drumming and dancing celebrating the past and present. 

The Akwasidae Festival

The Akan people and their ancestors are honoured in this annual festival celebrating the powerful kingdom they once held. Otumfuo, their respected king, is given special recognition during this time – one earned due to his revered place among them.

It’s a fitting tribute to those who have been influential throughout the country’s early years. You’ll learn more about the Ashanti people and their customs during this festival. 

Chale Wote Art Festival

Uniting creatives from across the continent and beyond, Accra’s annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival is a vibrant celebration of culture that encapsulates its audience in an unforgettable experience.

This festival celebrates urban art from all different parts of Africa. You can expect everything from live music and performances to street art, installations and various activities. 

Odwira Festival

During September and October, the Akwapim towns of Akropong-Akuapim, Aburi, Larteh and Mamfi in the Eastern Region enthusiastically celebrate the festive occasion of the Odwira Festival.

During Odwira, Okuapeman and all participants ceremoniously rejuvenate spiritually and pray for divine guardianship. As an annual tradition profoundly connected to the harvest season of abundant produce, people express their gratitude towards their Ancestors. 


As previously discussed, PANAFEST is a festival celebrating Pan-Africanism and its history. It honours those of African descent who have been affected by the past with several events, including talks on slavery, lectures from prominent scholars and even re-enactment performances of slave trading ships.


Heritage tourism in Ghana is an experience that will enrich and educate. Countless activities, festivals and excursions provide visitors insight into the country’s history and culture. Explore this majestic nation and witness for yourself all the beauty it has to offer!

Whether you’re a passionate traveller or just looking for some fun facts about Ghana, this blog post has hopefully given you all the valuable information to make your heritage tourism trip to Ghana successful. Happy travel!