At Our Local Tour, we have a fantastic range of holiday destinations and world journeys . We aim to give you a unique travel experience. The only way to do that is to work as a team with our handpicked local travel experts. They are experts in providing authentic experiences and, as they live in the destination, they know how to make your holiday truly extraordinary.

Discover our range of group and private tours as well as our tailormade holidays in Albania

Discover our range of group and private tours as well as our tailormade holidays in Costa Rica

Discover our range of group and private tours as well as our tailormade holidays in Greece


Whatever your style of travel, here at Our Local Tour we will have something to suit. Choose from our range of escorted small group and private escorted tours, led by locally based professionals, or go for our tailormade holidays, designed to perfection by a local travel expert.

Our selection of set date, escorted SMALL GROUP TOURS are very popular. Travel with like minded people on an authentic travel experience. A great way to explore and learn more about our world.

Your own private holiday. DESIGNED BY LOCAL TRAVEL EXPERTS Travel when and where you want to get a truly unique holiday. Be in control and set your own budgets and timescales!

Our local travel experts can design unique and authentic PRIVATE ESCORTED TOURS. From safaris to winter wonderlands, meeting local tribes or learning to cook with locals all with your own private guide.


There are many reasons to book your next trip or holiday with Our Local Tour, here are the most important...

Local Travel Experts

We only use LOCAL EXPERTS. They are based in the destination, guaranteed to give an authentic travel experience.


Travel designed around the principles of RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL and giving back to the communities that we visit.

Travel Smile Promise

We’re so confident your holiday will make you smile, we guarantee it. That's our TRAVEL SMILE PROMISE


Our Local Tour offer all travellers 100% FINANCIAL PROTECTION through our Travel Trust Association membership.

Why you should tour local when travelling

Exploring a destination through a "tour local" approach adds a unique dimension to your travel experience and a deeper understanding to a world journey. When you tour local, you are not just seeing the sights, you are also experiencing the culture and people of the place. You are getting to know the local way of life and learning about the things that make the destination special.

Rather than just skimming the surface of well-known attractions, opting to tour local opens up a world of authentic encounters and hidden gems. Local tours take you off the beaten path and show you the parts of the destination that most tourists never see. You might visit a local market, learn how to cook a traditional dish, or meet some of the locals.

Local tours immerse you in the heart of a place, allowing you to discover the culture, traditions, and flavours that make it distinct. When you take a tour with a local, you are not just seeing the tourist attractions, you are also getting to know the people who live there. You are learning about their culture, their traditions, and their way of life. You are also getting to taste the local cuisine and experience the local flavours.

From strolling through quaint neighbourhood markets to savouring street food beloved by locals, these tours offer an insider's perspective that guidebooks often miss. Local guides have a wealth of knowledge about the destination that they can share with you. They can tell you about the history of the place, the local customs, and the best places to eat and shop. They can also help you to avoid tourist traps and get the most out of your trip.

Touring local also supports the community by directly contributing to the livelihoods of local guides and businesses, fostering a sustainable and responsible form of tourism. When you choose to tour local, you are not just having a great time, you are also helping to support the local economy. You are putting money directly into the pockets of local people and businesses, which helps to create jobs and boost the local economy.

Whether you're wandering through the vibrant streets of Bangkok, meandering along the historic lanes of Rome, or navigating the bustling markets of Marrakech, this approach ensures that you connect with the soul of a destination.

No matter where you go on your world journey, touring local is the best way to get to know a destination and connect with its people. So, next time you're planning a trip, be sure to embrace the tour local mindset and have an authentic travel experience.