At Our Local Tour, our tailormade holidays and tours are designed to your exact requirements. Our local partners are travel experts and specialists in putting together an itinerary that will meet your needs.

What is a tailormade holiday?

Tailormade holidays are completely flexible. You can travel at your own pace, decide the number of nights you want to be away for, choose what hotels, lodges or even yurts that you want to stay in.  Our expert team of local travel advisors can add in excursions and experiences to really offer you an authentic travel experience. 

Why choose a tailormade holiday?

Going tailormade rather than picking a pre-determined itinerary or one of our small group tours gives you much more freedom. By design, small group tours are focused on the group experience and contain many different experiences, places to stay and means of transport. Booking a tailormade holiday ensures that all the elements of your trip are designed specifically for you. This means you spend your time off wisely and doing something you want. It really is as simple as that.

When your holiday is custom-designed to your needs, you get the trip you really want. You can be as spontaneous and adventurous – or as relaxed and idle – as you please.

Do tailormade holidays cost lots more than a package?

A tailor-made tour lets you decide on all the components of your trip with insights and advice from our local travel experts. Things like holiday dates, pace of trip, style of accommodation and types of activities included will be carefully considered to give you the perfect itinerary for your particular budget. 

Tailormade holidays do not need to be expensive. If you have a specific budget, let our travel experts know and we will work to that. If what you want is out of range of your budget, then we can make suggestions to help. Different times of travel, a variety of accommodation types, use of shared transport and many other options can bring your dream holiday to within your budget. 


Tailormade holidays can also be sustainable. With a focus on local hotels and businesses, using guides and drives who are either self employed or work for local travel businesses, your money stays in the local economy.

Don’t book and stay in an all inclusive resort. Get out and about, meet the people, try the local restaurant, visit the local shops. This is what travel is about. Get an authentic experience of the place that you are visiting. .

At Our Local Tour, you will find our tailormade holidays are designed around our sustainable tourism ethos. We focus on economic sustainability, ecological sustainability, cultural sustainability and local sustainability.
Alice T.
Our holiday was perfect. We had an idea of what we wanted but the team at Our Local Tour really made our ideas come to life.