Costa Rica Eco Tourism Holiday

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Costa Rica Holidays with Our Local Tour

Costa Rica Eco Tourism Holiday

Eco Tourism

Costa Rica is the place to visit for eco tourism. The country has one of the most diverse ecologies in the world, with more than 50% of its territory protected by parks and reserves. Costa Rica’s ecotourism industry has developed around these natural treasures, creating economic opportunities for rural communities while protecting them from potential harm. Ecotourism has been able to actively contribute to the conservation of cultural heritage and natural environment of a country. It is one of the most forward thinking, sustainable tourism destinations in the world and that is why at Our Local Tour we LOVE Costa Rica. Here is our list of the best places to visit while on a tour to Costa Rica.


Papagayo is a peninsula on the Pacific coast, northwest of Liberia. It stretches from Ollieres on the south to Playa Herradura on the north, for about 30 km. It has ten beaches with turquoise water and consistent surf, making surfing a popular pastime. Public security is not a problem in Papagayo. Papagayo was named after a local tree called the Guacamaya or ‘Papagallo’ bird by Spanish explorers.

Manuel Antonio

There are 5 parks in Costa Rica, but Manuel Antonio National Park is the most famous because it has the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica. You can see why it’s called the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica, with its amazing turquoise water, white sand and gorgeous views. The best part? It’s home to black tailed deer, howler monkeys, sloths and tons of other wildlife! All the trails throughout this entire park are paved or lined with stairs, so you never need to wear hiking shoes. You can even do the entire trail on your flip-flops.

Arenal Volcano

Be sure to visit Arenal Volcano National Park and Lake Arenal, located in northwestern Costa Rica and towering above the town of  La Fortuna.  Travellers from around the world come to admire and study the volcano, hike on lava from previous eruptions and if lucky,  glimpse some volcanic activity.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Monteverde is a well-known, popular destination for ecotourism in Costa Rica and the best place to explore one of the countries famous cloud forests. The clouds over a cloud forest are a type of fog that forms when the warm, moist air from lower elevations rises and meets the cool, humid air from the coast. Lonely Planet describes the cloud forest as “a true wonder of nature.”

Tamarindo Beach

The beach of Tamarindo is located in Guanacaste Province, along the Pacific Coast. It’s not far from the capital San Jose, and is popular with surfers of all levels.  When you visit Tamarindo Beach, you will find that the surfers create the laid-back vibe while the beach lovers delight in the crystal blue waters. The perfectly shaped coastline framed by magnificent palm trees is truly beautiful.

Poas Volcano

Poas Volcano is one of the most well-known active volcanoes in Costa Rica. Poás Volcano is one of Costa Rica’s most thrilling attractions, especially the bubbling crater lagoon, which has a variety of colours, from aquamarine to green.  Looking down in to the crater is truly inspiring.

Tortuguero National Park

The Tortuguero National Park protects one of the largest remaining areas of tropical rainforest in Central America. A journey along the river will introduce you to howler monkey and toucans in the tree tops and crocodiles bathing on the shore. At the coast, the park offers vast, protected beaches from which you can enjoy endless vistas of the stunning Caribbean Sea.

There is so much more that you can see and do in Costa Rica. Why not get in touch with us here at Our Local Tour and let us put together the perfect tour of Costa Rica.  We even offer an ebike tour of Costa Rica !Alternatively, why not have a look at our small group departure tours?