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Active Holidays and Tours

One of the most popular forms of travel is now the Active Holidays section. If you are one of those people who cannot just spend their days laid out on the beach, then you are certainly not alone. There is a growing market for holidays that get you up and about, from horse riding on the plains of Mongolia to yoga with a guru on the banks of the Ganges and everything else in between.

Here we list some of the most popular types of active holidays as well as some of the less well known options that you may not have heard about.

Hiking, Walking and Trekking Holidays

When you ask about the different types of active holidays, these are what most people instantly think of. Even within this sub-section of the genre, there are many different types of hikes, walks and treks to consider. From companies that offer you the chance to climb Mount Everest, to ‘slow holidays’ that take you on walking trips through beautiful French countryside, there will be a hiking, walking or trekking holiday for you.

Cycling Holidays

You can take a cycling holiday in almost any country in the world. It can be as simple as jumping on your bike and setting off from home or you can join a group as they travel Africa from north to south. To make things as easy as possible, tour operators can arrange local bike hire, overnight accommodation and even your food and drink stops along the way. Many will accompany you with a back up vehicle in case of puncture or fatigue. Guided and self guided tours are available as are road cycling and mountain biking focussed tours. Whether you are a keen cyclist or just like the idea of exploring on two wheels, then a cycling holiday may be just what you need.

Cultural Holidays

Have you ever been to a famous site but really wanted to know more about it? If so, a cultural holiday is what you need. Often accompanied by a specialist guide, you can explore ancient monuments, interact with local tribes or attend the opera at a famous opera house. Specialist local knowledge is often vital in creating these types of active holidays. Knowing when a local festival is taking place, how to get tickets for the hottest show in town and what the best local restaurant is to try that speciality you wanted, is what local tour operators do best. There are also various different ways you can take you cultural holiday. Private tailor-made holidays can give you the most exclusive and personal experiences, whilst travelling with a small group of like minded travellers, means that you may make friends for life. Just ask your local operator what they can do for you or check with our experienced team.

Winter Sports Holidays

One of the original ‘active holidays’, skiing is more popular than ever. For those with a thirst for the slopes and an unlimited budget, you can ski all year round. From the famous European resorts in the Alps to the southern hemisphere and Queenstown in New Zealand as well as the north American playgrounds, there is always somewhere you can ski. For newcomers, the sport can seem intimidating but there are many excellent operators who will advise you on the best places to learn as well as book you the lessons needed to get started.

Skiing is not the only winter sport holiday. Snowboarding is similar to skiing but you may also want to try alpine skiing, snow shoeing , dog sledding, ski biking and for the bravest of you, how about winter swimming!

Food and Drink Holidays

Spend time on a vineyard in France or learn to cook Vietnamese food in Hanoi. The wide range of food and drink holidays you can now take are a growing part of the active holidays market. Small local businesses in Italy are offering you the chance to learn to make pasta from an original family recipe. Stay in the courtyard of an ancient Belgium brewery as you learn the skills needed to brew your own perfect pint. To get the most out of this type of break, you need to make sure that you are learning directly from a local. Beware though. In recent times more ‘corporate’ events and activities have started to spring up, fitting as many people as possible into a sterile and uniform event prepared just for tourists.

Family Adventure Holidays

If you and the kids are bored after a couple of days by the pool, then you need to look at a family adventure holiday. Designed specifically for families, these holidays encompass the whole of the active holidays market, but adapt the overall experience to be suitable for families. As well as family holidays, you can choose to travel in groups with other like minded families or have the trip tailor-made to your own specification. Most family adventure tour operators are very specialist and have dedicated staff that look specifically after this market.

This is just a brief rundown of the various types of active holidays you can take. Search our Our Local Tour by activity to see if there is something active that you can do on your next trip. Alternatively, get in touch and speak to one of our team about the options available for you.